The Serenbe Lifestyle

Feel good about the place you call home.

Imagine a place where you know your neighbors—and they know you. Where you meet the world out your front door and nature out your back door. Where small-town living meets big-city amenities.

Imagine a community with a true sense of place. Where design details include distinct and varied architecture, granite curbs and eclectic lamp posts. Serenbe’s townhouses, cottages and estate homes honor the beauty of the land and facilitate a closer relationship between you and nature.

Come for a visit, and stay for a lifetime.

Quality of Life

The best reason to live here is the life here.

Serenbe residents value a slower pace of living. Community is important, as is minimal mental stress and optimal physical health. It’s a laid-back lifestyle just 40 minutes from a major urban center and one plane ride away from the capitals of the world.

At Serenbe, there are gourmet restaurants in your backyard, stables full of horses you can ride along miles of trails and nationally known artists exhibiting in galleries across the street.

Serenbe residents value a slower pace of living. Community is important, as is minimal mental stress and optimal physical health.

Mindful architectural elements, like central post boxes and porches that connect to the street, foster community and create a strong social fabric. Everything is within walking distance and the world waits along the edges.


Serenbe residents value a slower pace of living.

Community is important to our residents, made up of every age group from young families to retirees. There are community groups focused around philanthropy, nature, arts, food, music and more. You’ll often see kids getting together to play at the playgrounds, host a golf-cart wash, or ride their bikes around the neighborhood. Walk out your front door to engage with neighbors or head out on the trails for solitude. There is something for everyone.

Arts & Culture

World class arts in a natural setting.

Serenbe is engaged and alive with outdoor performances, films, lectures, and readings with friends, neighbors and notable visitors. Year-round cultural events include festivals, culinary workshops, music events, author talks, pop-up markets, boutique shopping, art galleries, trail riding and more.

Fresh Food

A 25-acre organic farm feeds our community.

Fresh food is one of Serenbe’s natural assets.  Serenbe Farms produces over 300 varieties of fruits and vegetables, herbs, and flowers that supply the weekly Farmers Market, thriving CSA (community-supported agriculture) program, and our four farm-to-table restaurants. Our residents enjoy the freshest produce and gourmet culinary experiences. edible landscaping, including community herb gardens, and blueberry bushes along paths and sidewalks.


Nature isn’t an amenity - it’s a necessity.

At Serenbe, we believe a community is a living part of its natural surroundings, not something to be built at nature's expense. We believe in biophilia—the theory that there is an instinctive bond between humans and other living systems. We need a place to foster these deep connections and to connect with living systems.

Sustainability Features

Built for the future and to support our climate.

Serenbe’s community plan calls for multiple hamlets based on the English Village Model of natural to urban planning using sacred geometry principles with buildings clustered along serpentine-like omega forms fitted to the undulations of the land. This method of arranging the community requires minimal land disturbances and allows Serenbe to conserve large areas of undeveloped green space. Specifically, 70% of the total land will be placed into conservation while we build on the remaining 30% in dense walkable clusters.

Serenbe conserves energy by facilitating geothermal HVAC, solar and net zero homes. We conserve water with native and edible landscaping, and naturally treat our wastewater for reuse as irrigation. We value nature, our children, our elders, and our planet.

Every facet of Serenbe’s design is based on common sense solutions and the principles of environmental sustainability, taking a new approach to community development. These principles touch everything from methods of construction and certification to the organic produce grown at Serenbe Farms.

Some elements of this design are obvious, while others are subtle or even unseen. Serenbe land planning protects the wetlands and historic zoning preserves the majority of the land as green space, with respect for the agricultural history of Chattahoochee Hill Country.

Earthcraft Certified

Serenbe is one of the first Earthcraft Certified Communities with every home and commercial space built and certified for energy and water conservation in partnership with Southface.

Geothermal Energy

Serenbe requires all new homes to have geothermal HVAC, which requires less energy to heat and cool your home.

Solar & EV Ready

All homes are solar ready with new homes set up for battery installation and EV chargers. There are public EV chargers throughout the neighborhood

Walking & Availability

Sidewalks and well-worn wooded footpaths.

It’s faster to walk than drive at Serenbe. Homes and hamlets are connected by sidewalks and trails, and everything you need is here. Our residents often joke about how they rarely leave Serenbe once they arrive. With access to fantastic restaurants, a general store, a wine shop, multiple fitness studios, events, shopping, education and childcare, plus miles of trails and places to explore - you really can just BE here.


Live in a bucolic setting yet close to everything.

Serenbe is a short 25-minute ride to the Atlanta Airport, and 35-minutes from the city center. We are close to Peachtree City and Newnan which both have major shopping centers, movie theaters, and additional services. For the odd thing that isn’t available in Serenbe, same day delivery is available from local and national retailers.

Buit for Wellness

Designed to support a balanced, well life.

We need nature in our lives today more than ever. We need fresh air, fresh food, and plentiful trees around us. We need a place to grow and restore our bodies and minds. At Serenbe, wellness is an everyday activity. We've created a place where people are drawn together over gardening, cooking, books, art, ideas and especially on front porches.

We encourage you to experience Serenbe — we're happy to help you plan a visit.

Community Amenities

At Serenbe, there are playgrounds and ballfields, tennis courts and over 16-miles of nature trails. A lake and dock with fishing along with bocce courts are both great places to spend an afternoon. Join the Gym, the Swim Club or board your horse at the stables. Enjoy everything Serenbe has to offer.


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